Tendering guidance

Guidance on tendering

Thresholds for Public Contract Regulations 2006 – Valid from 1 Jan 2014 – 31 Dec 2016

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Central government bodies (subject to the WTO GPA)



Other public sector contracting authorities (including local authorities) £172,514 £4,322.350

Spend under the EU thresholds

Opportunities under the EU thresholds are advertised using a Request for Quotation/ Proposal according to the organisational policy. Depending on the public body, the way these opportunities are advertised may vary. For further information take a look at the buyer information pages.

Spend above the EU thresholds

Public sector bodies are required to follow the EU tender regulations. This simply means that a defined procedure is followed which ensures, amongst other things, that buyers are fair and transparent and achieve best value for money. Most tenders are run online via an e-tendering portal.

This guide gives a brief outline of the different stages in a tender process. Not every stage will always be used; the process is determined by the size, value and sensitivity of the contract being awarded. Supplier events/market shaping sessions, e-auctions and site visits may also take place prior to the start of a tender, depending on the nature of the contract.

You can also read our frequently asked questions about the tender process.